Reward Point System

The Reward Point System is Kemyde’s way of appreciating customers and rewarding them for every purchases made at

My Points

This will allow customers to accumulate points as they make purchases or other conditions we may determine from time to time.

Points accumulated may be redeemed at anytime you make purchases on Please note that points accumulated on a particular purchase cannot be redeemed on that purchase.

Every product sold on kemyde has pre-allocated point which is displayed on every product page.

Every point awarded is equivalent to N10

My Points (MP)

Rule: Your points will be cleared on 0:00 Jan 1st of each year

1. Please pay attention to the fact that your points generated by orders are automatically cleared by 1st January of each New Year. E.g. points in your account before 0:00 Jan 1st, 2016 will be invalid after 0:00 Jan 1st, 2016. Always make full use of your points before they become invalid.

2. Unless specified, coupons cannot be used with other promotions, discounts or points.

3. Maximum value of product that can be redeemed with points is unrestricted

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